Educational Topics

Emotional "Baggage"

Creating "Warm" Educators

Touching the Hearts of Those Who Touch Lives

Child Care Workers Change Society

The "Strong-Willed, High-Spirited" Child

"Tools" to Build Children

You've Got the Whole World in Your Hand

Developing Intellectual & Emotional Competencies

Conflict Management

Personality Styles - Your "Gift" to Others

Guidance Through Literature

Ages 10-13...The Challenge Years

Parenting: What Works...What Doesn't

Parenting Strategies for Parents of Teens

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Managing & Motivating Employees

Conflict Management in the Workplace

Personality Types in the Workplace - It's a Zoo!

Self-Esteem & Confidence Building

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Coping Skills for the 21st Century

Persuasive Sales Techniques

Public Speaking Consultant & Trainer