"Amazing and wonderul! The best conference ever!" - Lynn Ann Prather, Arlington, TX

"A presenter that has "been there, done that" and totally involved with children of all ages." - Fredda Cook, Fort Worth, TX

"You make learning fun! I didn't want the presentation to end... had no idea it was 5:00! As the last presentation, you left me wanting more." Fort Worth, TX

"Great job Ginger! You touched our hearts with laughter & tears and taught us to remember the child in every student." - Dana Burgess, Arlington, TX

"It just wasn't long enough! Can we have you come to PTA meetings? Can you come live in my "wild kingdom"? You were contagious! Thank you!" - Christy Broussard, Arlington, TX

"You are wonderful! I laughed and cried! I also learned a lot that I will at home and school!" - Donna Brancato, Arlington, TX

"I didn't look at the clock one time because you were so entertaining and informative! I have taught 31 years, and you gave me so many new ideas to start the year!" - J. Flusche, Arlington, TX

"Warm, informative, and practical with a good close sense of humor!" - Linda Baty, Arlington, TX

"Wonderul! Never a dull moment! Best staff development I've been to in the 20 years I've been with in AISD!" - Barbara Rinehart, Arlington, TX

"What a help you were! At least for right now, I believe that I can make it another year!" - Becky Harris, Arlington, TX

"Fantastic! I want to spent one day with you & just experience the whole program!" - Joan Heffner, Austin, TX

"I would rather come to your workshop that the one I am giving!" - Pat Kienzle, Austin, TX

"Delightful, enlightening information, wealth and knowledge and experience; great presenter!" - Jean Dillard - Austin, TX

"Great, helpful ideas - specific information to teach children and parents in my private practice!" - Billie Hopson, Austin, TX

"This was the best session I've ever attended at these conferences. I could've spent a whole day listening to and learning from you." - Belinda Lavendar, Austin, TX

"Made sitting in folding chairs for 7 hours bearable!" - Jennifer McDonnell, Midland, TX

"A terrific job! Information with a smile and a song in the heart! What an inspirational speaker!" - Emma Mahoney, Midland, TX

"Laughed non-stop! Everything was wonderful!" - Heather Preston, Midland, TX