Why Hire Me

When it is time to hire a speaker for your event, what are the two questions you want answered? 1) Will my attendees learn? 2) Will my attendees enjoy? I pride myself on offering the two finest "ingredients" in any presentation: LEARNING AND LAUGHTER.

My motivational speaking company offers a variety of speaking topics (See "Topics" Link) from which to choose. After each presentation, I provide an evaluation form for attendees to respond to questions such as: Was the information relevant? Was it beneficial? Was the presentation enjoyable? Etc. The results have been overwhelmingly positive! Attendees not only rate me with "straight yes's," but also most of them write affirming statements (See "Attendees Quotes" Link).

I am RELIABLE...in all of my years of public speaking, I have never missed an engagement for any reason.

I am PROFESSIONAL and because I am an educator of 27 years, I always use SOME form of visual aids and usually more than one.

I am RELAXED and have a "down-home" way of presenting that makes everyone else relax, also.

I use my HUMOR to make certain points "come alive!" My gift of humor, you might say, is genetic! My mom is funny & so was her mom. Most everyone can relate to the old family stories and school anecdotes which I share with my audiences.